Nonfiction - TV series 
13X24 min episodes
Directed by Bea Guedes  

From the top fashion designer in London to the girl nextdoor in Tokyo . From the famous musician in Paris to the art student in Doha. From the skateboarder in Shanghai to the chef in São Paulo to the hairdresser in Auckland and the carpenter in Beirut… Time to connect and share ideas around the globe. GLOBALPOP - A snapshot of our times

A trip around 10 big capitals of the world discussing 13 major issues for mankind.

The cities : São Paulo, London, Shanghai, Paris, Moscow Beirut, Doha, Berlin, New York and Tokyo

 The episodes : 1.love 2.speed 3.money 4.fears, hopes & dreams 5.time 6.food 7. god 8.music 9.waste 10.alterego 11. happiness 12. lie X truth 13. planet earth

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Episode 1 - LOVE - PILOT  (no audio post)