Partying to Revolution
feature documentary

The world is pregnant with a new world. 

This is a very special moment in Mankind's History when access to information means freedom . People are gathering all over the world, taking the squares and changing the course of their nations through their manifesto for a better life and a new way of participating in the evolution of the planet in search for a higher global consciousness . This is the greatest Revolution of all . People are changing the world with love , making their statements through art, music, partying to a new consciousness and awareness of the planet , collaborating, sharing, evolving and making their voices heard not through violence or politics but through celebrating the joy of being right here , right now. The overall feeling is not of fear but of love and pride.  People are celebrating the shift. Revolution meaning Evolution. Again. 

PARTYING TO REVOLUTION is a journey on how we can change the world  featuring a deep philosophical, antropological, scientific and spiritual research presented on a visual narrative film.

Our full feature collective documentary is shot in Berlin, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and São Paulo  in collaboration with filmakers and artists around the world. The Documentary features interviews, original and archive footage, animations, narration and fictional visuals.

Testemonies and inspirations by  Kenny Scharf, Daniel Pinchbeck, Carl Sagan , Ralph Abraham, Lizzi Bougatsos, Buckminster Fuller, Sam Spiegel, Mark and Alan Watts , Timothy Leary, among others.

Directed by  : Bea Guedes and Felipe Dall'Anese
status : post production